The ‘Raoul’s’ institution

It’s a comfort that there are some places in London that offer the same ambience, quality of food and service throughout the years without messing with ‘forced style’ deco or menu changes. Sometimes you just don’t like change. If something really works, why spoil it?

Raoul’s in Notting Hill is one of them. This is my go to place for a hearty brunch, great service and a relaxed neighbourhood atmosphere. Located in the heart of Notting Hill, this brasserie style restaurant offers dishes based on ingredients of high quality. The fresh fruit smoothies is always a winner and breakfast dishes is what most Notting Hillers are coming here for in the weekends. The place is quite hidden, it is popular amongst the locals (as you really need to know where to head to) and this provides quite a serene atmosphere. It never fails to get me in a great mood and start of the day. 9 years after my first visit, it is still going strong.

Have a look at the full list of my recommendations for great brunch places in London.

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