The quest for London’s independent coffee shops – Goswell Road Coffee

How much London changed on this front since I first moved here. While still independent coffee shops are not exactly bursting out of the streets like other European capitals, we definitely have considerably more choices these days. I am getting so excited (I know it doesn’t take much to make me happy does it?) each time I discover a new coffee drinking hole that has individuality and doesn’t come under the name of Costa or Starbucks.

Goswell Road Coffee

Cafe|160-164 Goswell Road, Barbican|££|Have a look!

Goswell Road Coffee is my latest discovery, a quirky, relaxed cafe with a dash of attitude. Comfortable sofas are scattered around and retro deco dominates the space. All food and coffee are organic – best decaf I ever had (usually tastes disastrous). Crowd is a mixture of hipsters and students (proximity to City University) but the best thing about it is the music; only plays English rock. Thumbs up!

Try: blueberry cake

Visit my page Coffee and Cake for more suggestions on London coffee shops.

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