The quest for London’s independent coffee shops – The Life Goddess

I wouldn’t do The Life Goddess any justice if I just called it a ‘coffee shop’. This is a coffee shop and a restaurant and a deli – but all three are providing a little taste of delicious Greece. This is the story of three fellow Greeks from my homeland of Macedonia and the city I spent a good chunk of my life, Thessaloniki.

Tucked in a pretty street in Bloomsbury, amongst other traditional cafes, The Life Goddess pays a tribute to Greek country side with dark wood furniture dominating the space and products, fresh produce and spices are lined up and hung harmonically imitating the layout of traditional Greek delis as you would find them in small villages spread across Greece. Products are excellent and representative from various Greek regions. There is a very good selection of Greek wine; Greek wine comes to a surprise for many (maybe because we are guarding it as our secret due to small produce) but it is excellent and unique due to the different variations of soil and climate across the different Greek regions. If you haven’t tasted Greek wine yet this is the place to buy your very first (of many to come) bottle.

As you would expect from famous Greek hospitality, The Life Goddess staff is very friendly and accommodating making you feel ‘at your Greek home’.


Try: ‘bougatsa’ (a breakfast classic from Northern Greece, warm custard in phyllo pastry with icing sugar and cinnamon on top and served warm), ‘galaktoboureko’ (semolina custard in phyllo pastry dessert sank in sweet syrup) 

Buy: Greek spices – ‘oregano’ is the essence of Greek cooking and at The Life Goddess you will find some of excellent quality. ‘Mountain tea’- abundant in Mediterranean countries, this is a traditional tea enjoyed for centuries in Greece, it has a special flowery blend and many medicinal properties.

The Life Goddess

Greek|29 Store Street|££|Have a look!

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