London food and drink guide

London is one of the most interesting and exchiting cities in the world. It has been my home since 2005 but not a day is gone by without discovering something new. I feel on a ‘permanent holiday’. The pages below will guide you through my special/favourite places in the city. And tips on what to avoid!

Coffee and cake

For the best, independent coffee shops in town.


Relaxed restaurants and pubs for a great brunch experience.

Afternoon tea

For the quintessential British experience.


With the ‘foodie phenomenon’ restaurant openings is the norm these days. But these bars still mean serious cocktail ‘business’.

Wining & Dining

Favourite food spots across the city. Casual or not.

Trendy pubs

Sure, London is full of them. But what about those special ones?

The Latin Quarter

I am big fan of Latin culture and food. Those spots cure post-Latin America travels holiday blues.

Non poncey

For the non pretentious ones.


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