taksidin (ταξἰδιν): Greek word meaning ‘journey’

Hello and welcome to taksidin! I’m Aggie. Marketer by day and blogger by night. Born and raised in Greece, I call London home since 2005.

Main objective of this blog is to get you out of the ‘tourist track’ as much as possible and help you ‘become a local’. I am not endorsed and only write about places and experiences I truly love. It has nothing to do with 5* ratings.

It all started after…

I visited Brazil in 2008 and this marked my first trip to a developing economy. To title that trip as an ‘eye-opening’ experience would be an understatement. It was that trip that made me take my photography seriously as a key story-telling medium.  It was that trip that urged me to create a ‘web space’ to share travel experiences that don’t necessarily come with a hefty price tag.

As far as London goes…

…to which this blog is partly dedicated to, I consider it part of my ‘travels’. Since I moved here, there hasn’t been a single day that I didn’t make a discovery; a new venue, a new art space, a new cultural initiative.

Get in touch

Always love to hear from you on ‘amazing experiences’ you would recommend trying or equally if you need travel advice on any of the places mentioned in the blog, get in touch!

For more of travel photography, you can visit the blog’s instagram account @taksidin.


***All photography and copy are my own. Any external sources are cited. All images, videos, ideas and copy displayed on http://www.taksidin.com are protected by Copyright Laws and cannot be reproduced in any manner without written permission.***

If you would like to use any of imagery and text displayed on this site, you may send a request .

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