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The ‘Raoul’s’ institution

It’s a comfort that there are some places in London that offer the same ambience, quality of food and service throughout the years without messing with ‘forced style’ deco or menu changes. Sometimes you just don’t like change. If something really works, why spoil it?

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Finding old Shoreditch at Dalston’s Street Feast

I resisted visiting Dalston for a while only because I dislike all this hype words of ‘the new x’. I must admit, Dalston is indeed quite close to what Shoreditch used to be circa 2005. In reality nothing will ever be ‘that’ Shoreditch, with its unpolished yet charming style, lack of anything called ‘hipster’ and forever unpretentiousness. But for all of us who are reminiscing those good old days, Dalston is as good as it can get!

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