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London food and drink guide

London is one of the most interesting and exchiting cities in the world. It has been my home since 2005 but not a day is gone by without discovering something new. I feel on a ‘permanent holiday’. The pages below will guide you through my special/favourite places in the city. And tips on what to avoid!

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Exhibitionism by Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones ‘Exhibitionism‘ is an amazing interactive, audio visual journey through Stones’ history.  It is extraordinary that these living Rock legends are still together, same line up 40+ years (50+ years for the original 3) and counting. They were relevant at my parents’ youth and they are still relevant today. They influenced music, fashion, artwork and from what I learnt at the exhibition; they influenced stage set up.

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Latin America post holiday blues 

Always find it hard to deal with routine reality after my trips to Latin America. Happens every single time. The colours, the music, the atmosphere feels so much like a dream and busy London comes to land me back to planet earth with a bang! Only thing to do is try to hang on to the Latin vibe a little longer… And these are my favourite London haunts. This is as good as it could possibly get after the real thing.

London’s Latin Quarter